Fly Fishing

RV and Fly Fishing combination package

RV Park non resident rod fee: $60.00/day

Package Fly Fishing No Live bait No Spin Cast
Brookie Package:
Daily Unit rate
call for more info  Fly Fishing is a separate charge
Cutbow Package:
4 day stay
 and is not part of the RV rate.
Rainbow Package:
7 day stay
Brown Package:
all packages require reservations

8 day stays or more call for special deals or package rates. Three people or more can also be done under a package rate. Half day rates can be considered on all packages.

This section of the Conejos River is a protected habitat. We manage this river carefully as to not over fish. Please understand why we enforce the catch and release policy here.

Please Practice Catch and Release

Releasing the fish we catch is the best way we have for preserving a quality fishery. If you want to have good fishing tomorrow, please release the fish you catch today. Just because a fish swims away after it leaves your hands, does not necessarily mean it is in good shape. A fish that is carelessly handled and then released, may die later the same day or may be so weakened and injured that it dies a week or month later. It takes care and caring to properly catch and release a fish so it stays healthy.

View this link for more fishing tips:

*Customer may bank time if they chose to break up monthly stay, for example: stay day 1-6 then leave to vacation elsewhere. Return and spend 4 more days, then leave and return again and so on until 30 days are used up. However advance payment and reservations are required. Reservations can be adjusted in the event that a scheduled stay needs to be altered.


“Canon Bonito Fly Fishing program exclusively uses LAND OF ENCHANTMENT GUIDES and services for guided fly fishing excursions on our river. We recommend all anglers to consider this guide service when professional services are required.” – LAND OF ENCHANTMENT GUIDES offers experienced fly fishing guides for beginners to experts. Any fishing gear you may need (Sage & Orvis rods and reels, custom tied flies, waders and wading shoes, etc.) is provided for all trips. L.O.E. Guides will do their best to ensure that you have fun along with the chance to develop and improve your fly fishing skills. Guided fishing trips on all the best rivers, streams & private ranches throughout Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. ORVIS Endorsed Guide. Phone: (505) 629-5688 or (505) 927-5356

Land of Enchantment Guides

Custom Split-Bamboo Fly Rod maker serving our Denver, CO and surrounding area customers:

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