RV Lot Map

Unit 1 and 2: view image

Unit 3 and 4: view image

Unit 5: view image

Unit 6, 7, and 8: view image (right to left) units 7 and 8 are the largest units in park. unit 8 is a back in or pull through. New grass in these units.

Unit 9 and 10: view image (right to left) unit 9 has new grass in progress and is a pull through.

Unit 11 and 12: view image (right to left).

Unit 13 and 14: view image Unit 13 back in (right) Unit 14 pullthrough or pull in (left)

Additional notes: Units 1-9,11,13-14 have fire pits. Units 1-7 back up to creek. Creek runs from April thru late August providing there are no drought conditions or minimal snow fall in winter.