Here at Cañon Bonito, we ask for you to do the right thing. We have our general guidelines listed here. Please take a moment to review.

  • This is a tranquil and quiet park. No loud music, motorcycles or ATV’s.  ATV access only to forest and BLM lands from the RV Park.  ATV traffic in park is permitted only to exit and enter onto county road.

  • Speed Limit SLOW.  5 MPH.  No Dust Please.

  • We are night sky friendly. Please keep exterior lighting to a minimum.

  • Please clean your site when you leave.

  • Campfires are permitted providing there are no fire bans or restrictions in place. Keep your fire small (no bon-fires please). Firewood may be available on site. Please inquire.

  • No mean or aggressive pets. Barking dogs must be kept under control. Pets must be on a leash and/or supervised by owner. Do not leave pets unattended while outside your RV.

  • Cleaning up after your pet is mandatory!  

  • An adult must accompany all children when near the river.

  • BEAR AWARE of wild animals that may wander into the park. Please put away all food at night and cover all trash receptacles. Although bears are not here often they do wander in from time to time.

  • Fly Fishing is permitted on site, but you must be scheduled as to not conflict with fishing reservations of others. Fly Rods Only, no bait fishing and no barbed hooks. This is a catch and release river. Please handle fish with care after your catch. We recommend the use of a fishing guide if you are not familiar with fly fishing and the proper handling of fish when returning them to the water. Fishing licenses can be purchased at local fly-fishing shops, HomeTown Food Market in Antonito.

  • No use of firearms while in the park. Inquire if you would like to use a firing range and we will provide you with information as to where you may go.

  • Guests are welcome to spend time here, but must use the remote parking area as to not congest the RV park area with too many vehicles. Large parties must be pre-approved prior to having a group gathering. There may be an additional cost depending on the number of guests.

  • When hiking in these areas always watch your step. Water snakes and bull snakes can be common but the venomous Rattle Snake makes it’s home in this area too.

  • Laundry and Shower Use

  • We provide these facilities as a courtesy and don’t necessarily charge for the use of the washer/dryer and shower, however we do appreciate a monitory contribution to pay for electricity and up keep. Please make a fair donation into the money jar in order to keep this an affordable courtesy.